Without poetry

           grief has no translation

          and no voice

                                          -  Janet Buck 

Dirty Laundry, Janet's latest book has been released by Vine Leaves Press.  To order, go to the order page here: ORDER  and then click on one of the retailers listed.

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When you read Janet Buck's Dirty Laundry, your eyesight will wane, you'll feel wrinkles creasing your cheeks, you'll mourn the dead, you'll remember the meat of unavoidable plights, you'll live with a disability and do anything and everything to erase that stigma.  You'll probably see your bloodstains in this book -- smell your own sweat -- find glimpses of your own struggles and trials sitting in heavy baskets of towels as well.  A habitat of suffering is a platform for gratitude as well as a forum for catharsis and unrelenting candor.  Readers are urged to purge a ghost, but hang on to loss.  Loss is a gift -- for it says out loud:  "Love was here."  That's the part that's infinite.

-------------------------   Dirty Laundry Reviews  ------------------------

"Buck's prowess lies within her descriptors, her adjectivials and adverbials. Each simile, each modifying phrase brings her poems one step closer to life. Among her many wonders written in, "Dirty Laundry," is her poem, Lessons from a Bird.  In it, she compares a potential injury to a bird to a human life, "I wonder if she's injured now--/ or just prefers her wings in flight./ The rest of us deterred/ by body weight at first,/ then heavy burdens of this world." "

   -- Jerry Brunoe, editor of Toe Good

"Janet Buck's new collection, Dirty Laundry (Vine Leaves Press), reveals Buck at her most precise as she studies the nuances of her own experience, concurrently transcending them; in this way, further embracing confessionalism while also traversing beyond its retraints, becoming in the course of these poems no less that a contemporary every-woman"   For the rest of the review, please go here: Great Weather for MEDIA

   -- John Amen, author, poet, and editor of The Pedestal Magazine


"Janet Buck is a courageous poet who makes the most of what life has to offer.  Saddled by a medical dictionary's worth of medical woes, Buck refuses to be defeated by her infirmities.  The fact that the book Dirty Laundry exists is a testimony to her grit and perseverance, not to mention her considerable poetic gifts.  While much of the work in the book deals with illness, either directly or tangentially, this is not a depressing or glum book, but rather one that celebrates life in its fullness and limitations.  There is joy and humor here, as well as suffering and regret, but this too is the stuff of life." 

   --  Alan Catlin, poet and editor of Misfit Magazine


"Janet Buck's captivating pieces of contemplation entices poetry aficionados and lure the most casual observer to participate in a groundbreaking exploration of the mind.  Her cathartic rendering of work displays such precision and depth of understanding of the human condition that it is a testament to her unprecedented craftsmanship as a writer.  She is a literary visionary who cannot go unnoticed in the world of publishing."

   --  Chris Ozog, Editor in Chief, Lavender Wolves Literary Journal



"Relentless physical pain and the humiliation of the body -- dirty laundry -- are sublimated by Janet Buck into an adventure of the spirit, full of apt metaphors and surprising similes."

   --  Ricardo Nirenberg, Editor,  Of(f) Course Literary Journal

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